Wheel Loader Rental

No matter what you have to move, We have the right size wheel loader rental for the job. From Compact wheel loaders like
the Cat 904B to large wheel loaders such as the 994F, we have what you need to move dirt,sand , gravel , or jutt about anything else.
Wheel loaders are tractor vehicles used to scoop up and move asphalt, debris,dirt, feed, gravel, sand, snow or other looser
material, or load it into or onto dump, feed, gravel, sand, snow or other vehicles or machinery.
Like their tracked counterparts, wheel loaders consist of a front-mounted, square bucket fastened to the end of two booms
used to pick up loose material, such as container-lifting forks or other tools that allow it to perform other tasks such as dozing and scraping.
Wheel loaders also can be used for digging, laying pipe,clearing brush and other uses.
Wheel loaders are maneuverable, controlled by articulated steering, using a hydraulically actuated pivot point exactly between the front and rear axles.
Sizes of wheel loaders vary, ranging from compact wheel loaders to enormous, 1,400-horsepower models.
With a wide variety of compatible attachments and tools, wheel loaders are flexible machines able to perform a wide range of tasks for several industries.