Telehandler JCB 540-170 17 Meter

Tanzeem’s 17 Metre Telehandler can effectively place bricks, roofing materials and trusses to a maximum height
of 17m. Site Obtsacles often require a machine to place loads at great distances, which this machine delivers, at a
reach of 12.7m. Its tight turning cicle and three different steering modes (two wheel, crap & circle steer) with no tail
swing, allow it to work productively and safely in confined areas.
Steering modes are selected by a single 3-position rocker switch.
This machine delivers exceptional performance to meet your specific site needs.
The side-mounted JCB engine, combined with JCB axles and transmission, ensure reliable drive train performance
from well-proven components.
Three steering selections – All Wheel Steer, Front Wheel Steer and Crap Steer modes ensures ease of operation, while
a right turn radius of 13 ft 5 in. gives greater maneuverability.
Maximum lift Capacity of 10,000 lbs, maximum lift height of 44 ft 3 in and lift capacity of 2,500 lbs at full reach
all improve productive capacity.
Tanzeem 17 Metre Telehandler
(Check Load Charts) Minimum Maximum
Max Load Capacity – Straight Lift – Max Height 2500kg 4000kg
Max Load Capacity – Straight Lift – Rated Height 4000kg 4000kg
Max Forward Reach @ Ground Level 11200mm 11200mm
Max Load Capacity @ Max Forward Reach – Ground Level 600kg 750kg
Max Lift Height 16700mm 17000mm
Cab Height 2630mm 2715mm
Width 2440mm 2545mm
Weight 12000kg 13670kg